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This is a One Of A Kind chair made from 100% Reclaimed wood. The top armrest, fins, and rails are made from an OLD Fir beam, this stuff is SUPER HARD! The slivers burn if you dont get them out quick! The panels are made of Western Maple that was being sold as fire wood. One of the panels has a piece of old barbed wire from when the tree was used as a fence post and the tree eventually grew around the wire. The cushion supports are made from various "scrap" cutoffs from a cabinet shop. It has over 30 handmade Mahogany dowels helping the mortise and tennon construction. There were no nails or screws used in the construction of this piece. It is finished with a Shou Sugi Ban technique follwed by Vermont Natural Coatings Hemp Oil Finish.41.5" wide38.5" deep25" tall 

Craftsman Style Low Chair

SKU: 364215376135191
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